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The situation

There are a lot of businesses out there

We live in a world where there are millions of businesses worldwide. Only in the US there are 30.7 million businesses. Out of that, 90% have fewer than 20 employees.

Also there are around 1.1 billion freelancers in the world. What does all that mean? It means that now more than ever, people have immense options when it comes to finding clients. It all comes down to the choice.

1 billion
500 million
100 million
30.7 m
300 m
1.1 b

Is you business online?

But we have a problem. Out of all those businesses and freelancers, how many appear on an online search? And those that appear, how well do they match what a potential client is looking for?

You might have a social media profile but compared to a structured website, with proper SEO, well written copy and distinct imagery, is there even a choice?

Even if you are better at what you do than someone else, nobody can see that unless you have built the infrastructure to support you.

Not everybody can afford to be online. Or do they?

What we find more troubling is that most people that don’t have a website or that don’t do marketing, are not in that situation by choice. Custom websites are expensive and just grabbing a random template from the internet is not helping that much.

We don’t have anything against templates, we use them ourselves, but just picking out something at random is not helping build your brand.

Is the most expensive solution the best?

But why are custom websites and marketing so expensive? A team of qualified designers, engineers, developers and marketers will always cost a fortune to build any solution.

The same page done by a freelancer or a team of 10+ experts will be almost the same but will cost fifty times more for the latter. If you hire a nuclear physicist to change your Facebook avatar, it doesn’t matter if the result is the same, you will have to pay a lot more.

How we’ve found balance between quality and price.

Template Website

A website based on one of our templates, with color, images and font customization.

A template website has two big advantages: speed & cost. This option will enable you to have a website live in just a few days.

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Business Website

A custom website built from scratch that will showcase your business and its capabilities.

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CMS Website

A custom website that includes a content management system. This enables you to self-publish and have control over the content on your platform.

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Web App

A fully custom web application with anything your business needs: users, cms, custom functionality, etc.

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Building your own online kingdom

Imagine having your own website, with a distinct image and style that people associate with you, copy that explain and present your ideas in precise words to your target audience.

Modern website for the modern business

Welcome to the future when people can book meetings with you online and your calendar gets updated. Where you can present images, videos, stories in a responsive format. A place where you can organize your business and present it with just a link.

Concept visualization for your audience

You can take some time and focus on your core business ideas while we take care of the design, development, branding and copy. Think of us as a filter that takes your concepts and presents them in an efficient and well designed manner to your audience.

We are not alone

The graphic tower team is made out of a few people but we are a division of a greater company, Falcon Trading that has over 60 members. Most of them are experts on programming, AI development, and custom web & app solutions.

Even though we are mostly autonomous, when the road gets tough, we have a team that can help us, with experience in complicated projects.

What our clients think of us

Thomas Messet

Founder of Stampapp

"The Graphic Tower team have been an extremely professional partner in bringing a number of elements of the Stampapp project to life and have gone above and beyond on many occasions to deliver for us. "

Joram van Doorn

CEO and founder of SiteOnline

"The Graphic Tower team have already executed several assignments for us, including video animation. We are in line with the quality and professionalism. You can see that in the end result, but certainly also in the process towards it. Fast, initiating and adequate action is a characteristic. If you combine this with the high degree of customer service, then you have a golden combination. All my best, Joram"

Vasile Moraru

CEO of Roade si Merinde

"Creative and receptive people who have created a beautiful visual story to the Roade si Merinde brand. Thank you, because we need professional people in the country."

First 10 clients will get the discounted price.

After that we will slowly raise our price to a balanced one.

We want to build projects fast and to grow quickly. We’re automatizing everything we can so that we can increase efficiency of our process. That means we can start with lower pricing while we learn and improve.

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We understand risk

Trust is vital for any collaboration. This is why we want to show you 3 steps we use that make it easier to work with us.

Step 1

We have a very robust project management system. By working with Jira, you get notified on any progress and can see the whole project structure. By working with Discord, we can instantly communicate. By working with cloud documents and apps (Adobe Xd - prototype sharing link, Coda - sharing documents, Webflow - live staging website) you can see the results instantly and even comment on them. No more big file transfers.

Step 2

You will get reports, breakdowns and presentation on each project stage. We don’t make random decisions regarding design or development. Every decision will be backed up by a logical reason so that you can be sure the best choices are applied for your project.

Step 3

We know that as an entrepreneur, small business or freelancer, investing in something you are not sure about looks like a risk. That is why we work in staged payments. We have 4 stages for each projects so we structure the payments into 4 25% payments.

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